Why Does The High Beam Comes On With Turn Signal Silverado? [Causes & Fixes]

Imagine you’re cruising down a quiet road at night in your trusty Chevy Silverado. Suddenly, you realize you need to make a turn. As you reach for the turn signal, you’re unexpectedly blinded by the flare of your high-beam headlights. You feel perplexed. That’s not supposed to happen, right? 

However, if you are experiencing this issue, it means there is a malfunction somewhere in your vehicle’s lighting system. It could be due to a range of factors from a faulty relay to a wiring issue. 

In the forthcoming sections, we’ll delve into the details of this particular problem and discuss possible solutions.

Types Of Situations When High Beam Turns On With Turn Signal

Types Of Situations When High Beam Turns On With Turn Signal

There are primarily two situations when this issue might crop up, each tied to the specific turn signal being used:

#1- Left Turn Signal Triggers High Beam Headlights

This issue typically presents itself when the left turn signal is activated, resulting in the high-beam headlights illuminating unexpectedly. 

While the exact cause can vary, it’s often linked to a problem within the vehicle’s multi-function switch. 

#2- Right Turn Signal Triggers High Beam Headlights

Just like with the left turn signal, the right turn signal can also trigger the high-beam headlights. 

This phenomenon is again frequently related to a malfunction in the multi-function switch, which controls both the turn signals and high beams. 

Possible Causes Of The High Beam Coming On With The Turn Signal?

Possible Causes Of The High Beam Coming On With The Turn Signal?

There are several potential culprits that could cause your Silverado’s high beams to come on when activating your turn signal:

#1- Faulty multi-function switch

When the multi-function switch in your Silverado is faulty, it can lead to unexpected actions within the lighting system. Specifically, using the turn signal may inadvertently activate the high beams. 

This occurs due to an internal malfunction or a misalignment of the switch’s internal contacts.

As a result, when you engage the turn signal, the switch may send an unintended signal to the high beams, causing them to turn on simultaneously. 

This can be a safety concern as it may blind other drivers or cause confusion on the road.

To troubleshoot this issue, start by checking if the problem persists across different driving conditions and switch positions. If it does, there’s a higher likelihood of a faulty switch. 

Next, inspect the switch for any visible signs of damage, such as loose connections, worn-out buttons, or signs of corrosion.

If the issue is not apparent upon inspection, it may require professional diagnosis with specialized tools to test the switch’s electrical signals. 

Ultimately, if the multi-function switch is indeed determined to be the cause of the problem, it will need to be replaced with a new one to resolve the issue.

#2- Short in the wiring

A short circuit in the wiring of your Silverado’s lighting system can cause unexpected activation of the high beams when using the turn signal. 

A short circuit occurs when two or more wires come into contact with each other or when a wire’s insulation is damaged, causing an unintended electrical pathway. 

In this case, the short circuit may be redirecting the electrical current from the turn signal to the high beams, leading to their simultaneous activation.

To troubleshoot a short circuit, inspect the wiring harness associated with the lighting system for any visible signs of damage, such as frayed or exposed wires. 

Pay close attention to areas where the wires may come into contact with metal surfaces, as these are more prone to damage.

Use a multimeter to test the continuity and resistance of the wires, ensuring they are not shorted together.

If a short circuit is detected, the damaged section of the wiring harness will need to be repaired or replaced by a qualified technician. 

Additionally, it’s essential to address the underlying cause of the short circuit, such as identifying and fixing any pinched or damaged wires.

#3- Faulty relay

A faulty relay can also be responsible for the high beams activating when using the turn signal in your Silverado.

Relays are electrical switches that control the flow of current between the switches and the lights. 

When a relay malfunctions, it can send current to the wrong circuit, causing unexpected behavior.

In this case, a faulty relay might send the electrical current intended for the turn signals to the high beams instead.

To troubleshoot a faulty relay, locate the relay box or panel in your vehicle. Refer to the owner’s manual or a wiring diagram to identify the specific relay responsible for controlling the lighting system.

Swap the suspected faulty relay with a similar one from a different function (e.g., windshield wipers) to see if the issue persists.

If the problem remains or moves to the new circuit, it indicates that the relay is likely faulty.

Replace the faulty relay with a new one, ensuring it matches the correct specifications for your Silverado’s lighting system. 

It’s important to note that if the relay is integrated into a larger module, the entire module may need to be replaced to resolve the issue.

How Do You Turn Off Automatic High Beams On A Chevy Silverado?

In your Chevy Silverado, there is an option to disable the automatic high beams. Here’s how you do it:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your Silverado’s infotainment system.
  • Select the ‘Vehicle’ option.
  • Choose ‘Lighting’.
  • From here, you should see an option for ‘Auto High Beam’. Toggle this option off.

Remember, this will disable the automatic high beams entirely, so you’ll need to manually switch between high and low beams as needed.

Is It Normal For The High Beam To Engage When I Activate The Turn Signal In My Silverado?

High Beam To Engage When I Activate The Turn Signal In My Silverado

In a nutshell, no. The high beam should not engage when you activate the turn signal in your Silverado. Each system is designed to work independently. 

If the high-beam headlights are coming on when you use the turn signal, it indicates an issue within the vehicle’s electrical or lighting system.

This problem should not be ignored as it can be confusing to other drivers and potentially lead to accidents.

Final Words

If your Chevy Silverado is having issues with the high-beam headlights coming on when using the turn signal, it’s important to address the problem promptly. 

Ignoring it could lead to further complications down the line, potentially escalating into a more costly repair.

More importantly, this malfunction can be a safety hazard both for you and other drivers on the road. 

Finally, remember that your vehicle’s lighting system is essential for safe driving, especially during low-light conditions or at night. Any malfunction, therefore, should be taken seriously. 

Your Chevy Silverado is a reliable and robust machine, but like all vehicles, it requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs.

Addressing these issues promptly will ensure your Silverado continues to serve you well for years to come.

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