How To Put A Dirt Bike On A Stand

Putting a dirt bike on a stand is an essential skill for any rider, making maintenance and repairs more manageable. Properly elevating your bike ensures stability and ease during tasks. From changing tires to adjusting chains, having the bike on a stand offers accessibility.

To put a dirt bike on a stand first position the stand on stable ground. Lift the dirt bike using the foot lever or by hand, aligning it with the stand’s grooves. Gently push down on the stand to raise the bike, ensuring it’s stable before letting go.

In this guide, we’ll explore the step-by-step process of safely and effectively placing your dirt bike on a stand, simplifying your maintenance routine and keeping your bike in top condition.

How To Put A Dirt Bike On A Stand
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Key Takeaways

  • Always use a stand when working on your dirt bike.
  • Never attempt to lift the bike by yourself; always get help when lifting heavy objects.
  • Make sure that the stand is placed securely and level before you begin any work on the bike.
  • Regularly inspect and adjust the stands for optimal safety and performance of your dirt bike.

The Benefits of Putting a Dirt Bike On a Stand

A dirt bike stand is a must-have accessory for any serious dirt bike rider. Not only does it keep your bike secure and upright, but it also offers several practical benefits that make owning and riding your dirt bike easier and more enjoyable.

Prevent Tire Flat Spots

Dirt bike stands hold the weight of the motorcycle off the tires, preventing flat spots from forming on them over time while in storage. This means you won’t have to worry about taking your dirtbike out for a ride and having poor handling due to uneven tire wear.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

With the help of a dirt bike stand, you can easily clean and maintain your machine with ease. You don’t have to worry about balancing yourself while cleaning or trying to reach certain parts of the motorcycle without support.

Easier Transportation

When transporting a dirtbike, having it on a stand allows you to easily tie down the motorcycle without damaging its components or exhaust pipes. It also makes loading onto trailers much simpler since you don’t have to lift up an entire heavy machine at once.

How to Choose the Right Stand for Your Dirt Bike

Are you in the market for a dirt bike stand? Choosing the right stand can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Consider your budget

Stands come in a variety of sizes and prices, so think about what you’re willing to spend on a stand. Do your research and compare prices between different brands and models before making a purchase.

Think about size

Make sure the stand is big enough to accommodate your dirt bike’s wheelbase and height, as well as any accessories or modifications that you may have added to the bike.

Look for stability

A good stand should be sturdy enough to keep your dirt bike upright when not in use. Check out stands with wide feet or adjustable legs for extra stability on uneven surfaces.

Choose durability

Quality materials such as steel or aluminum will ensure that your stand lasts longer and won’t break down over time from repeated use or exposure to weather conditions like rain or snow.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Put A Dirt Bike On a Stand

Having a dirt bike stand is essential for any serious dirt biker. It’s the best way to store and maintain your bike in perfect condition. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put a dirt bike on a stand:

  1. Place the stand in front of the rear tire so that it is perpendicular to the bike. Make sure the top of the stand is facing away from you.
  2. Lift up both sides of your bike and place one side onto the stand first, then lower down gently with your hands until it can rest securely on its own weight.
  3. Pull back on the handlebars slightly to ensure that they are secure against the stand before lifting up and placing your other side into position and lowering down as above.
  4. Once both sides are secured onto the stand, ensure that all four legs are firmly planted against an even surface, such as concrete or wood flooring, before releasing your grip from either end of your motorcycle frame or handlebar grips. This will help keep everything balanced while in storage mode!

Safety Considerations When Using A Dirt Bike Stand

When using a dirt bike stand, safety is key. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

1. Wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when handling the stand.
2. Make sure the stand is secured properly before lifting or moving your bike.
3. Ensure that all parts of the stand are secure and functioning correctly before use.
4. Always work on a flat, level surface to avoid tipping or slipping hazards.
5. Use caution when raising or lowering your bike onto the stand; never force it down too quickly or raise it up too far without support from another person or object.
6. Keep any loose items away from the area while working with the dirt bike stand to avoid tripping hazards or accidental injury due to shifting objects during use of the lift arm mechanism of the stand itself.


What safety precautions should I take when putting a dirt bike on a stand?

Make sure you are wearing protective gear such as gloves, eye protection, and long pants while lifting the bike onto the stand. Securely hold onto the handlebars when lifting and make sure to position your feet firmly for stability. Be aware of any sharp edges or parts that may cause injury if not handled properly.

How often should I inspect my dirt bike stand?

Your dirt bike stand should be inspected regularly to ensure it is in good working condition. Pay attention to any cracks or deformations in the metal frame and replace any damaged parts as soon as possible to avoid potential accidents caused by faulty equipment.

What type of dirt bike stands are available?

There are various types of dirt bike stands available, including center stands, side stands, folding stands, and adjustable height stands. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific needs – so consider your options carefully before making a purchase!

Is it necessary to use an additional strap when securing my dirt bike to the stand?

Yes, it’s advisable to use an additional strap when securing your dirt bike to the stand. This adds extra stability and safety, preventing potential slippage or movement while the bike is on the stand.

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