Sync 3.0 Vs 3.4 | Is SYNC 4 better than SYNC 3?

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected on the road has become more important than ever. Ford’s Sync infotainment system has been a game-changer for the seamless integration of technology and convenience.

Ford’s latest iterations, Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4, continue to push the boundaries of automotive technology.

One of the most striking differences between Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4 lies in the revamped display and user interface. Sync 3.4 introduces a sleek and modern interface with improved graphics, intuitive icons, and a more responsive touchscreen.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the differences between these two versions and explore how they enhance your driving experience in unique ways.

Similarities Between Sync 3.0 and 3.4

User Interface 

Both versions of Sync feature a similar user interface with a touchscreen display and intuitive menu navigation. The general layout and design elements are comparable in both versions.


Both Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4 integrate with various features and functions of the vehicle, including entertainment, climate control, phone connectivity, and navigation.

They offer compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless smartphone integration.

Voice Commands 

Both versions support voice commands, allowing users to control various functions of the system hands-free. Voice recognition capabilities are present in both Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4.


Both versions of Sync support Ford’s AppLink technology, which enables users to connect and control compatible mobile apps through the infotainment system.

This feature allows access to music streaming services, weather updates, and other compatible applications.

Sync 3.4 Vs 3.0: Quick Comparison Table

Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4 are two versions of Ford’s infotainment system. While they share some similarities in terms of interface and integration, there are notable differences.

Here is a quick comparison table

FeatureSync 3.0Sync 3.4
InterfaceOlder interface with fewer updatesMore responsive and updated interface
FeaturesLimited climate control and Sirius channelsEnhanced climate control and additional Sirius channels
CompatibilityInstalled in Ford models since 2015Integrated into newer models like Mustang Mach-E, F-150
UpdatesRequires USB drive and specific instructionsPeriodic updates for improved performance and features
LimitationsNo Sirius channels above channel 220Adds channels in the 300 range and team-specific channels
Sync 4 AvailabilityNot upgradable on older Ford modelsRepresents a significant leap forward in technology

How Does The Difference Between Sync 3.0 and 3.4 Matters?

The differences between Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4 can have an impact on the overall user experience and functionality of the infotainment system. Here’s how these differences matter-

Updated Interface and Features

Sync 3.4 offers a more responsive and updated interface compared to Sync 3.0.

It introduces improvements such as enhanced control over climate settings and the inclusion of additional Sirius channels in the 300 range.

Sync 3.4 also allows for double the number of presets and makes it easier to switch between Sirius and FM radio.

Compatibility and Updates 

Sync 3.0 is the older version found in Ford models since 2015, while Sync 3.4 is a newer iteration gradually integrated into newer vehicles like the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150.

Periodic updates are often necessary for both versions, and the update process typically involves using a USB drive and following specific instructions.

Limitations and Differences 

Sync 3.0 may have some limitations, such as not allowing Sirius channels above channel 220. Sync 3.4 addresses this by adding channels in the 300 range and including NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL team channels. 

Sync 3.4 also brings improvements to system stability and user interface.

Sync 4 

It’s important to note that Ford has introduced a newer version called Sync 4, which represents a significant leap forward in technology compared to Sync 3.

Sync 4 offers twice the computing power of its predecessor and includes advanced features.

However, upgrading from Sync 3 to Sync 4 is not possible on older Ford models due to differences in foundational software.

Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4 What’s Our Opinion? 

After analyzing the features and improvements of Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4, our opinion is that Sync 3.4 surpasses its predecessor in terms of functionality and user experience. 

With its updated interface, enhanced features, and improved responsiveness, Sync 3.4 offers a more intuitive and seamless infotainment system.

The addition of new Sirius channels, improved climate control options, and a streamlined user interface contribute to a more enjoyable and convenient driving experience. 

While Sync 3.0 still provides basic functionality, Sync 3.4 takes it to the next level with its advancements.

If given the choice, we would recommend upgrading to Sync 3.4 to fully benefit from its enhanced capabilities and features, providing a more satisfying and immersive journey on the road.

Expert Tips for Ford’s Sync Maintenance 

The Ford Sync series infotainment system is a crucial component of your vehicle, and proper maintenance can ensure its optimal performance. Here are some essential tips to keep your Ford Sync system in great condition

Regular Software Updates

Keep your Sync system up to date by regularly checking for software updates provided by Ford.

These updates often bring performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features, ensuring that your Sync system operates smoothly.

Proper Device Connection 

When connecting your smartphone or other devices to Sync, ensure that the cables and connections are in good condition.

Use compatible and high-quality USB or Bluetooth connections to maintain a reliable connection between your devices and the infotainment system.

Clean Touchscreen and Controls 

The touchscreen and control surfaces of your Sync system can accumulate dust, fingerprints, and smudges over time.

Clean them regularly using a soft, lint-free cloth and mild, non-abrasive cleaner to maintain optimal visibility and responsiveness.

Protect from Extreme 

Excessive heat or cold can impact the performance of electronic systems, including Sync.

Avoid leaving your vehicle parked in direct sunlight for extended periods, and during extreme cold weather, allow the vehicle’s cabin to warm up before operating the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to upgrade your vehicle’s infotainment system? Curious about the differences between Sync 3.0 and Sync 3.4? Find answers to common questions about these advanced Ford Sync versions below

What Are The Major Improvements In Navigation Between Sync 3.0 And 3.4?

Sync 3.4 introduces enhanced navigation features, including real-time traffic updates and improved map graphics, providing users with a more seamless and informative driving experience compared to Sync 3.0.

How Does Voice Recognition Differ In Sync 3.4 Compared To Sync 3.0?

Sync 3.4 offers upgraded voice recognition capabilities, enabling more accurate and intuitive voice commands. The improved system understands natural language better, enhancing hands-free interaction and overall user convenience compared to Sync 3.0.

Are There Any New App Integrations Available In Sync 3.4 That Were Not Present In Sync 3.0?

Sync 3.4 introduces new app integrations, expanding its compatibility with popular third-party apps. This enables users to access a wider range of applications seamlessly from the infotainment system, providing a more connected experience compared to Sync 3.0.

Does Sync 3.4 Offer Any Additional Customization Options For The User Interface Compared To Sync 3.0?

Sync 3.4 provides additional customization options for the user interface, allowing users to personalize their display preferences, including colors and layouts. This gives a more tailored and visually appealing experience compared to Sync 3.0.

Can Sync 3.4 Be Easily Upgraded From Sync 3.0, Or Is It Necessary To Replace The Entire Infotainment System?

Sync 3.4 can be upgraded from Sync 3.0 via software updates provided by Ford. This means existing Sync 3.0 users can enjoy the benefits of the latest version without the need for a complete infotainment system replacement.

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