what does chevy rs stand for

Are you wondering what does Chevy RS stand for? The answer might surprise you. This three letter acronym stands for Rally Sport, a sub-model of the Chevrolet line of vehicles.

Chevy RS is an abbreviation for Rally Sport, a trim package that was introduced on the 1969 Camaro and offered through 1973. The package included exterior styling enhancements such as new grilles and taillights, interior upgrades like special instrumentation, and powertrain improvements including disc brakes at all four wheels and a choice of two V8 engines with higher horsepower ratings than standard models.

Rally Sport models are highly sought after by collectors today due to their desirable combination of style and performance. If you are interested in learning more about how these cars have stood the test of time or want to find out which model year has become most valuable in recent years then read

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Key Takeaways

  • “Chevy RS stands for Rally Sport, a package of performance and style features available on select models from Chevrolet.
  • Chevy RS vehicles come with sporty design cues such as aggressive front grilles, dual exhaust tips, and distinctive wheels.
  • The Rally Sport option includes powertrain upgrades such as higher-output engines and upgraded brakes and suspensions for improved handling.
  • With the Chevy RS package, drivers get the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style in one package.

What ‘RS’ Stands For in Chevy Vehicles

When exploring what the “RS” stands for in Chevy vehicles, you may be surprised to learn that it has a few different meanings.

RS is an acronym for Rally Sport, which is a special edition package offered by Chevrolet on some of their vehicles.

The package typically includes sportier exterior styling elements such as fog lights, ground effects, and other add-ons. It also often includes performance upgrades like suspension tuning and engine tweaks that provide the driver with enhanced driving dynamics.

In addition to being used for Rally Sport packages, RS can also stand for Redesigned Special or Rear Suspension in some Chevy models. For example, the Redesigned Special was found on mid-90s Impalas and included unique chrome accents on both the interior and exterior of the car.

Rear Suspension was part of the Caprice Classic LS in 1995 and provided improved handling characteristics due to its rear stabilizer bar system.

How the RS Package Enhances Performance in Chevy Cars

The RS package is an upgrade option for many Chevrolet models. It enhances performance and adds a sporty look to the car. With this package, owners get improved handling, more power, better acceleration, and increased fuel efficiency.

The RS package includes several features that make it worth the upgrade. One of these is a revised suspension system with stiffer springs and dampers. This allows for improved stability on turns and better response from the steering wheel. Additionally, the brakes are upgraded to provide more stopping power when needed.

Under the hood, many vehicles with the RS package feature a turbocharger or supercharger that increases horsepower output without sacrificing fuel economy. This means owners can enjoy higher performance levels without having to worry about their gas bill going up significantly every month.

Other features included in some versions of the RS package include larger rims and tires which provide greater grip on roads while still providing excellent ride comfort; aerodynamic enhancements such as spoilers and splitters which help reduce drag; upgraded exhaust systems which allow for greater engine efficiency; as well as special exterior trim pieces that give cars a sportier look without compromising its practicality or durability.

Benefits of Upgrading to the RS Package on a Chevy Vehicle

Chevrolet offers a variety of vehicle packages, including the RS package. Upgrading to an RS package on your Chevy vehicle can provide you with numerous benefits and features that will enhance your driving experience.

The RS package is designed to offer sporty styling and performance-oriented features for drivers who want a little extra attitude when they get behind the wheel. With this upgrade, you can expect increased engine power, improved interior design elements such as leather upholstery, special wheels and exterior accents, as well as advanced safety features like lane departure warning systems.

In addition to these enhanced performance and style upgrades, the RS package also includes additional convenience options such as power windows and locks, heated seats and steering wheel controls. You’ll also enjoy improved fuel economy thanks to the more efficient engine options included in this package.


What does the acronym RS stand for in Chevrolet?

Rally Sport

Does a Chevy RS model include any special features?

Yes, Chevy RS models typically feature sport-tuned suspension, unique exterior styling elements such as body kits and ground effects, upgraded brakes and performance exhaust systems.

Are there any differences between an RS and SS model of a Chevrolet?

Yes, while both the RS (Rally Sport) and SS (Super Sport) models are considered performance versions of their respective vehicles, the SS is generally more powerful than its Rally Sport counterpart. An SS model also has different features such as larger wheels or bigger engines than what is found in an RS version.

Is it possible to upgrade the engine on a Chevy RS vehicle?

Yes, depending on the specific model and year of your car it may be possible to upgrade certain components like the engine or drivetrain in order to increase its performance capabilities.

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