when did chevy stop making manual trucks

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “When did Chevy stop making manual trucks?” then this post is for you. In 2010, Chevrolet ceased production of manual transmission trucks in the United States.

This marked the end of a decades-long tradition that began back in 1918 when General Motors first introduced their pickup trucks to the public. Nowadays, there are a plethora of options available on the market but few can compare to the power and performance offered by classic Chevy Trucks with a manual transmission.

In this article we will explore why these vehicles were so popular and why they are still sought after today. So if you want to learn more about Chevy’s legacy of manual transmission trucks, read on!

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Key Takeaways

  • Manual transmissions were available in Chevrolet trucks until the mid-2010s; earlier models featured manual transmissions as standard.
  • The increasing popularity of automatic transmission vehicles has made manual transmission production less profitable for manufacturers such as Chevy.
  • Despite the end of manual transmission production, some aftermarket companies still offer conversion kits to change a vehicle’s transmission type from automatic to manual.
  • Chevrolet trucks with manual transmissions remain highly sought after amongst collectors and enthusiasts due to their rarity and desirability.

How to Identify If Your Chevy Truck is Manual or Automatic

If you’re looking to buy or service a Chevy truck, it’s important to know if your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission. Here are some tips on how to identify the type of transmission in your Chevy Truck:

Check the Shifter

The first step is to look at the shifter. An automatic transmission will have an “L” shape with an extra position for Park, whereas a manual transmission will have straight line that goes from 1-6 (or 5 depending on model).

Look Underneath

If you can’t tell by looking at the shifter, take a look underneath the vehicle and look for two large round objects near the rear axle – these are clutch plates and indicate a manual transmission.

What Year Did Chevy Stop Producing Manual Trucks?

Chevy stopped producing manual trucks in 2005. This was due to the fact that most consumers preferred automatic transmissions, so Chevy chose to focus production efforts on automatic models instead. Manual transmission trucks were still available from other brands, but Chevy opted out of this market segment.

The last manual transmission truck produced by Chevy was the Silverado 1500 with a 4-speed gearbox and a V8 engine. It was offered as an option until 2005 when it was officially discontinued. Other manual transmission options were also available in earlier years, such as the S-10 pickup which had 5-speed and 6-speed gearboxes with both inline 4 and V6 engines.

Benefits of Driving a Manual Chevy Truck

Driving a manual Chevy truck has many benefits. Not only do manual transmissions provide better fuel economy, they also allow drivers to have more control over their vehicle. Manual transmissions give drivers the ability to shift gears manually, giving them the option to select a gear that is most suitable for the terrain or conditions. This can help avoid stalling or hesitating on inclines and other challenging road situations.

Manual transmissions are also less complex than automatic ones, making them easier and cheaper to repair if something goes wrong. Additionally, manual transmission vehicles tend to be lighter in weight which helps with acceleration and braking performance in some models.


What year did Chevrolet cease production of manual transmission trucks?

Answer: Chevrolet stopped producing trucks with manual transmissions in the 2019 model year.

What type of transmission replaced the manual option in Chevy truck models?

Answer: The majority of Chevy truck models now feature an automatic transmission as standard equipment, with some optional configurations offering a 9-speed or 10-speed automatic gearbox.

How do I determine if my Chevy truck has a manual or automatic transmission?

Answer: To determine what type of transmission your Chevy truck is equipped with, check the vehicle’s information plate located on the inside door jamb or consult the owner’s manual for more detailed information.

Are there still any new pickup trucks available with a manual transmission?

Answer: While Chevy no longer offers a manual transmission option for its truck models, there are still other automakers such as Ford and Ram that offer new pickup trucks with a traditional stick shift option.

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