Is your chevy driver information center not working | Here’s what to do!

If you own a Chevrolet vehicle, you’re likely familiar with the Driver Information Center (DIC), a valuable feature that helps you stay informed and in control while on the road. But what happens when the Chevy DIC stops working?

A non-functional DIC on a Chevy can result in a loss of critical vehicle information such as speed and fuel level, making it challenging to monitor the vehicle’s performance. It is recommended to have it diagnosed and fixed by a mechanic. 

In this blog post, we will explore the symptoms of the Chevy DIC fault, discuss the possible reasons for it not working, and provide guidance on diagnosing and fixing the issue. Let’s dive in and make sure you’re getting the most out of your Chevy’s DIC.

6 Symptoms of A Faulty Chevy Driver Information Center

chevy driver information center not working

Before we discuss the potential causes and fixes for the Chevy DIC not working, it’s important to understand the symptoms you may encounter. This will help you determine whether the issue you’re facing is indeed related to the DIC. Here are some common symptoms:

No display or partial display

Picture yourself starting your car, and you notice the DIC screen is either completely blank or only showing some of the information. This could be a result of a damaged display, an issue with the wiring connections, or even the control module that sends the data to the screen. Sometimes, it might just be a software glitch that can be fixed with an update or reprogramming.

Incorrect information

You know how we all depend on the DIC for essential information like fuel economy, tire pressure, and engine temperature? If you notice that the readings seem off, there could be several reasons. Faulty sensors, wiring problems, or even a malfunctioning control module might cause this. In some cases, a software issue could be the culprit, requiring an update or reprogramming to fix it.

Intermittent functionality

Imagine the frustration of having your DIC work on and off, with information randomly appearing and disappearing or the screen flickering. This could be due to a loose connection somewhere, a damaged display screen, or even a control module that’s failing intermittently. It might also be caused by software problems, which could be resolved with an update or reprogramming.

Warning lights

Now, if your DIC isn’t working correctly, it might cause false warning lights or messages to pop up, or maybe important warning lights don’t show up when they should. This issue could stem from a communication problem between the DIC and other vehicle systems, a software glitch, or even a failing control module.

Unresponsive controls

Have you ever tried to navigate the DIC, but the buttons or controls just don’t seem to respond? This might be because the physical buttons are damaged, the control module responsible for interpreting the inputs is malfunctioning, or there’s an issue with the software. Sometimes, a simple reset might do the trick, while other times, more extensive repairs might be needed.

Resetting issues

Let’s say your DIC keeps resetting itself or doesn’t save your customized settings. This problem could be related to a software issue, a malfunctioning control module, or even a dying battery that’s causing the DIC to lose power.

Understanding the Potential Causes of a Non-Functioning Chevy DIC

chevy driver information center not working

It’s crucial to comprehend the potential causes of a non-functioning Chevy DIC to find the right solution. Here are some common reasons why your DIC might not be working:

  1. Faulty display
  2. Wiring issues
  3. Control module problems
  4. Software glitches
  5. Faulty sensors
  6. Power supply issues
  7. Communication issues

How To Troubleshoot Chevy DIC Not Working?

chevy driver information center not working

Now that you know what might cause the issue, it’s time to troubleshoot the causes. I have already provided a list showing the reason, here i’ll explain them in detail.

Faulty display

Imagine that the display screen in your Chevy DIC is like a TV or computer monitor. Over time, these screens can wear out or get damaged, leading to issues like a blank or partially visible display. 

Pixels can burn out, or the backlight might fail, making it hard or even impossible to see the information.

Wiring issues

Think of the wires in your car as a network of communication lines. If these connections become loose, corroded, or damaged, they can disrupt the flow of information between the DIC and other vehicle systems. 

As a result, you might experience intermittent functionality, missing data, or even a completely blank display.

Control module problems

The control module acts like the brain of the DIC, processing and displaying the information it receives. 

If this module starts to malfunction, it can cause all sorts of issues, from incorrect data and unresponsive controls to intermittent functionality. 

This could be due to a manufacturing defect, wear, and tear, or even damage from water or moisture.

Software glitches

Just like your phone or computer, your Chevy DIC relies on software to operate. Sometimes, bugs or outdated software can lead to problems like false warning lights, resetting issues, or inaccurate information.

In these cases, a software update or reprogramming might be all you need to get your DIC working smoothly again.

Faulty sensors

The DIC relies on sensors throughout your vehicle to gather data about things like fuel economy, tire pressure, and engine temperature. 

If one or more of these sensors fail, it can cause the DIC to display incorrect or incomplete information.

Power supply issues

Your DIC needs a stable power supply to function correctly. If there’s a problem with the vehicle’s electrical system, like a weak battery or a failing alternator, it can lead to issues with the DIC, such as frequent resetting or not saving customized settings.

Communication issues

The DIC communicates with various systems in your vehicle to gather and display information. If there’s a communication issue between the DIC and other systems, you might experience problems like false warning lights or missing data.

What To Do If Chevy Driver Information Center Not Working?

While professional help is often recommended for complex issues, there are a few steps you can take as a user to troubleshoot your Chevy DIC without consulting a technician. 

Keep in mind that these actions may not resolve every problem, and seeking professional help may still be necessary.

Check for a blown fuse

Locate the fuse panel in your vehicle, typically found on the driver’s side, and consult your owner’s manual to identify the appropriate fuse for the DIC. Inspect the fuse and replace it if it’s blown.

Perform a system reset

Disconnect the negative battery terminal for about 10-15 minutes to reset the vehicle’s computer. This may help clear temporary software glitches or communication issues. After reconnecting the battery, start your vehicle and check if the DIC is working properly.

Inspect for visible damage

Check the DIC display and surrounding area for any visible damage, such as cracks or signs of moisture. While you may not be able to fix the damage yourself, this information can be useful when seeking professional help.

Confirm power supply

Ensure your vehicle’s battery is in good condition and providing adequate power. If you’re unsure, you can use a multimeter to test the battery voltage or try jump-starting your car to see if it resolves the issue. If the battery is the problem, you can replace it yourself or seek help from a professional.

Update vehicle software (if possible)

Some newer vehicles may allow you to update the software yourself through a built-in menu or a mobile app. Consult your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to see if this option is available for your vehicle.

Remember, these are basic troubleshooting steps that may help with minor issues. If you’re unable to resolve the problem or are unsure of the cause, it’s always best to consult a professional technician to ensure your vehicle is properly diagnosed and repaired.

When to seek professional help for Chevy Driver Information Center issues?

chevy driver information center not working

While some of these fixes can be performed by a knowledgeable DIY enthusiast, there are instances when it’s best to seek professional help:

Warning signs

If you’re unsure about the cause of the problem, or if you notice any warning signs such as smoke, burning smells, or sparks, it’s crucial to consult a professional mechanic.

When DIY fixes do not work

If you’ve attempted the DIY fixes listed above and the DIC is still not working, it’s time to consult a professional mechanic who can diagnose and repair the issue.

Importance of seeking professional help

Seeking professional help is essential not only for your safety but also for the proper functioning of your vehicle. A skilled mechanic can accurately diagnose and fix the problem, ensuring your Chevy DIC is working as intended and providing you with valuable information while driving.


In this section, we’ll address some frequently asked questions related to the Chevy DIC not working. These answers may provide additional insights and guidance to help you resolve the issue.

Can a dead battery cause the Chevy DIC not to work?

A dead battery can cause the DIC not to work, as it relies on the vehicle’s electrical system for power. If your battery is dead or weak, charge or replace it, and see if the DIC begins to function again.

Will a faulty DIC affect my vehicle’s performance?

While a malfunctioning DIC won’t directly impact your vehicle’s performance, it can make it difficult for you to monitor essential information about your car’s condition. This may lead to missed warning signs or delayed maintenance, which can affect performance over time.

Can I still drive my Chevy if the DIC is not working?

It is still possible to drive Chevrolet vehicles with a defective DIC, but you should take precautions and get repairs done right away. The DIC gives vital details about a car’s status and can warn drivers of potential issues, preventing dangerous driving situations.

How much does it cost to fix the Chevy DIC?

The price for repairing a Chevrolet DIC issue depends on whether it is a simple fix, a screen replacement, or extensive electrical work. A qualified technician should be consulted for a precise estimate.

Can I upgrade my Chevy DIC to a newer version?

In some cases, upgrading the Chevrolet DIC to a more recent model or an aftermarket system with more features is possible, but compatibility with the vehicle model and year is necessary. For guidance on compatible upgrades and options, contact with a professional mechanic or a Chevrolet dealer is advised.

Final Words

A properly functioning Chevy Driver Information Center is essential for staying informed about your vehicle’s performance and potential issues. 

By understanding the symptoms, causes, and fixes for a malfunctioning DIC, you can take the necessary steps to resolve the problem and ensure your vehicle is providing you with accurate, real-time information. 

When in doubt, consult a professional mechanic who can accurately diagnose and repair the issue, so you can get back on the road with.

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