silverado cargo light stays on -Why and how to fix it?

Driving down the highway with your cargo light staying on is more than just annoying – it can be dangerous! If you own a Chevy Silverado, this issue could be familiar to you. But don’t worry, we are here to help. In this article, we’ll explore why your Silverado cargo light stays on and how to fix it.

The most common reason that the Silverado cargo light stays on is due to a faulty switch or wiring issue. This may require professional attention for repair but there are also some simple DIY solutions that can help solve the problem quickly and easily.

Don’t let a malfunctioning cargo light put your safety at risk any longer – read on to find out exactly how you can get your Chevy Silverado back in working condition again!

Key Takeaways

  • A cargo light staying on can be caused by a faulty switch or wiring issue.
  • To fix the issue, inspect the switch and wiring for any visible damage or corrosion.
  • If no visible damage is found, check the fuse box to see if a blown fuse is causing the problem.
  • If all else fails, it may be necessary to replace the switch or wiring in order to repair the cargo light issue.

What Causes a Silverado Cargo Light to Stay On?

When your Silverado cargo light stays on, it can be an indication of a few potential issues. The most common cause is a bad fuse or wiring issue. If the fuse is blown, replace it with one that has the same amperage rating as the original fuse. It’s also possible that there could be corroded wires or faulty connections in either the truck’s electrical system or its trailer wiring harness. In either case, you’ll need to inspect and repair any damaged components before replacing the fuse.

In some cases, however, a malfunctioning switch may be causing your Silverado cargo light to stay on. This could happen if moisture gets into the switch and causes corrosion over time. To fix this issue, you’ll need to remove and clean out the switch using electrical contact cleaner and then reinstall it properly.

How to Diagnose the Problem with Your Silverado Cargo Light

If you own a Chevrolet Silverado, then you know how important it is to have a reliable cargo light. This light allows you to easily see what items are in your truck bed without having to open the tailgate. But if your cargo light isn’t working properly, then it can be difficult to determine what the problem might be. Fortunately, diagnosing the issue with your Silverado’s cargo light is relatively simple and can usually be done in just a few steps.

The first step is to check whether or not there is power going to the cargo light itself. To do this, locate the fuse box under the hood of your truck and remove any fuses that may be related to the cargo light. Next, use a voltmeter or test lamp and attach one lead each to both ends of each fuse you removed from the panel. If there is continuity between them, then power should be reaching the cargo light – which means that another issue may be causing its malfunctioning behavior.

Next, inspect all of the wiring associated with your Silverado’s cargo light system for signs of corrosion or damage such as fraying or exposed wires. If any problems are found here, they should be repaired before continuing on with further troubleshooting steps. Additionally, make sure that all connections are firmly secure and that no bulbs appear burnt out when tested with a voltage tester or multimeter set on its lowest setting (DCV).

Fixing Common Issues that Result in the Silverado Cargo Light Staying On

    If you own a Chevy Silverado, chances are you’ve experienced the annoyance of having your cargo light stay on. Though it may seem like a small issue, it can be quite frustrating if left unresolved. Fortunately, there are several common causes that could be causing this problem and they can usually be fixed with relative ease. Here is a guide to help identify and fix some of the most common issues that result in the Silverado cargo light staying on:

    Faulty Wiring

    One of the more common causes for a cargo light staying illuminated is faulty wiring. This can occur due to wear and tear over time or as a result of an accident or other damage. If this is suspected to be the cause, then check the wiring around the tailgate area for any signs of corrosion or fraying wires. If any damage is found, replace them as soon as possible to ensure proper operation again.

    Bad Fuse

    Another potential cause for a continuously lit cargo light could be related to an electrical component such as a fuse or relay switch not functioning properly. In order to diagnose this issue, locate your vehicle’s fuse box and inspect each fuse individually until you find one that looks damaged or corroded; replace it with an identical one from your local auto parts store if necessary.

    Stuck Switch

    The final potential issue that could lead to your Silverado’s cargo light remaining lit even when closed is due to a stuck switch inside the tailgate itself. To test whether this might be causing your problem, open up your truck’s tailgate and try pushing down on all switches located inside; if any feel stuck in place then carefully remove them and clean off any dirt/debris before replacing them back into position (ensuring they click securely).

Tips for Preventing Your Silverado’s Cargo Light from Staying On

    If you own a Silverado, you know how important it is to keep your cargo light from staying on. This can be an annoying problem that drains your battery and wastes energy. Fortunately, there are some easy tips you can follow to prevent your Silverado’s cargo light from staying on.

  1. Make sure the door is completely closed when loading or unloading items from the truck bed. If the door isn’t fully shut, then the cargo light will remain illuminated even after everything is unloaded and stored away in its proper place.
  2. Check for any loose wires or connections near the switch that controls the cargo light. If these wires become disconnected or frayed, they may cause a short circuit which keeps the light illuminated even when no items are present in the bed of your truck.
  3. Inspect all of your tailgate components regularly for signs of wear and tear that could affect their ability to properly close and latch securely into place once loaded with items. Properly closing and latching all tailgate components helps ensure that no electrical current is flowing through them which would otherwise cause your cargo lights to stay on unnecessarily long periods of time without being used or needed for transportation purposes at all!
  4. When transporting large loads in your Silverado’s bed, make sure they’re properly secured so as not to create excess movement within it; this could potentially trigger a false positive signal from one of its sensors causing it turn on automatically regardless if anything was actually placed inside or not! Additionally, always double-check before leaving home just in case something was left behind inadvertently—this way you won’t have wasted energy (or money) by leaving those lights running throughout an entire trip!

Troubleshooting Other Problems That Could Keep Your Silverado’s Cargo Light On

    If your Silverado’s cargo light is staying on, it could be caused by a variety of different issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you figure out what the problem might be and how to fix it:

    Check the wiring

    Start by checking all the wires connected to the cargo light for any signs of damage or corrosion. If there is any visible damage, you may need to replace the wiring in order to get your cargo light working again.

    Check the fuse

    Next, check if there is a blown fuse that could be causing your cargo light not to work properly. You can do this by using a multimeter or voltage tester and testing each individual fuse in your vehicle’s fuse box until you find one that has no power going through it (i.e., a blown fuse).

    Inspect other components

    Additionally, inspect any other components related to your cargo light such as switches, relays, bulbs and connectors for any signs of wear or damage that could be preventing them from functioning correctly. Replace these parts as necessary in order for your cargo light system to work properly again.


What are the possible causes for a Silverado cargo light staying on?

Answer: Possible causes of a Silverado cargo light staying on include faulty wiring, a broken switch, or an issue with the power supply.

How can I troubleshoot my Silverado’s cargo light to determine why it is staying on?

Answer: To troubleshoot your Silverado’s cargo light, first check the wiring and connections for any signs of damage or loose connections. If everything appears to be in order, then you should test the switch by using a multimeter to measure its continuity and voltage levels.

Is there a way to prevent my Silverado’s cargo light from staying on?

Answer: Yes, ensuring that all electrical connections are secure and checking them periodically can help prevent issues such as your Silverado’s cargo light from staying on. Additionally, regularly inspecting your vehicle’s lighting system is also recommended in order to identify potential problems before they occur.

Can I fix my Silverado’s cargo light issue myself or do I need professional assistance?

Answer: Depending upon the cause of your Silverado’s cargo light issue,

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